• General Questions

1. How far in advance must I book your services?

We are usually able to accommodate clients who contract our services four to six months prior to their event.  Many times we are often able to perform at events with less than four to six months advanced notice because we have many ensemble combinations.  The only disadvantage to having the area’s best musicians is how frequently they are in demand!

2. How long will you need to prepare or set up?

The lead musician typically arrives at least a half-hour in advance of the contracted time.  During that time, the lead musician will check in with the coordinator, officiant, and person giving cues as needed to be sure the event goes smoothly.  We do not charge for the lead musician to arrive a half-hour before the event.  All our musicians are professional and timely!

3. How do the musicians dress?

Gentlemen generally wear either tuxedos or a dark suit and tie, and ladies wear all black.  You can be sure our clothing will be tasteful and suited to your event.  If the atmosphere of your event would be enhanced by alternate attire – especially for less formal parties and events – we can discuss options with you.

4. What do you require at the venue?

Our musicians require armless chairs.  Electric will be needed for indoor venues and outdoor if you have hired a pianist who uses a keyboard.  If you have chosen our optional Bose Amplification system electric will be needed.

5. Will you perform outdoors?

The Antares Musicians perform at many beautiful outdoor weddings/events during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Since we can set up in very little time, we can easily move from outdoors to indoors (or vice versa), between different areas at a particular venue, or even from one venue to another (i.e. from ceremony site to the cocktail/reception location).  This flexibility allows us to easily perform for both the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.  In order to protect our delicate instruments and to provide quality music, we require full shade, no precipitation, and temperatures between 60 and 95 degrees.

6. Are the Musicians I see and hear on this Website the same ones that will play at my event?

Yes, the musicians on the website are the same musicians that will be performing at your event.  Occasionally, due to illness or unavailability, we may replace a musician with another who has performed with us and is familiar with our repertoire.

7. What if there is a special piece of music I would like to have played? Is this possible?

We have over 1000 selections in our music library.  If you request a piece of music not currently in our library, we can professionally arrange it for a reasonable fee.

8. May I see your references and listen to your recordings?

You can view references and feedback from past clients on our Rave Reviews page and also on our WeddingWire page.  If you would like, we can put you in contact with a recent client who can speak about his/her experience with us.  Our collection of recordings is available on our Sound Clips page.  You may also wish to listen to our podcasts and watch our videos.

9. May I see you perform at an event or bridal show?

Each year we are invited to perform at several bridal shows in the Baltimore area.  These events are generally listed on our home page; you can also contact us to see when other events may be held.

10. If I provide you with a list of pieces, will you be able to play them?

We are proud to have an extensive repertoire of classical, popular, jazz, and contemporary pieces. You can view a complete list of repertoire on our Music Library pages.  If you have a special request not currently in our music library, we may be able to arrange your request for a reasonable fee.

11. Can we control the volume of the music?

For cocktails and dinner when guests will be talking and mingling, we have a high-quality BOSE sound system along with customized instrumental microphones, which allows us to adjust our volume to the setting.  This popular option allows the music to be heard while still remaining “atmospheric” in the background. The BOSE system is not just clear and beautiful; it is also discreet. The speaker is contained in a thin black tower which is hardly noticeable by your guests.  The Bose system is available along with any of our ensembles for an additional fee.  We are one of the only ensembles in the Baltimore/Washington area that offers this option-just one more thing that makes us unique.

12. How often do you take breaks?

We generally take a 10 minute break per hour.

13. Will you be able to act as master of ceremonies?

Several members of our group are comfortable with making announcements at events, and our sound system is wonderful for this request.  Please inquire early if you wish to have one of our musicians help in this way.

14. When do you begin charging overtime?

If your event is running behind schedule and you would like the musicians to continue to perform longer than the contracted time, the musicians can remain (pending the musicians’ availability).  Overtime charges will be prorated in 15-minute increments. 

15. What is your cancellation policy?

Should you cancel your event, we will simply retain your deposit.  If you have paid in full and your event is canceled we will return 50% of your payment. 

16. Is a deposit required? If so, when and how much?

After we email you a contract, we ask that you review, sign and return it to us with a 50% deposit within two weeks. This deposit will secure our musicians for your event on our performance calendar. We do not work through third-party agencies and can keep our fees as low as possible. To guarantee you will have wonderful music ready for your special day, a deposit approximately four to six months in advance will assure your event takes place as planned.


  • Wedding Questions

1. Do you perform at receptions as well as wedding ceremonies?

Yes, our Diamond Package is for clients wishing to hire us for their ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.  This is an economical option for clients with more intimate weddings and is a great substitute for a DJ or dance band.

2. My wedding ceremony and the reception are in two different locations. How do you charge for that?

We often are asked to perform at both the ceremony & cocktail hour, which could be at different locations.  We charge for the length of time, including the time it takes to travel between the venues.  Our contracted time begins with our pre-ceremony music and ends with the conclusion of our performance at the cocktail hour.

3. Should I have music before my wedding ceremony?

The Antares Musicians are happy to help you plan the musical aspects of your ceremony. Even if you feel that you do not need help with your musical selections, we still encourage you to speak to us before you plan the music for your ceremony, as we can suggest details that you may not have thought to consider. We have many years of experience helping couples choose the perfect music to enhance what they have envisioned for their ceremony.

4. How many pieces should I choose for the processional?

We recommend choosing two separate pieces for the processional; one for the bridal party and one for the bride.

5. How do I choose the music for the processional?

Once you hire us to perform at your wedding, we will send you a digital ceremony music planning form and will be happy to help you complete it.

6. How will you know when to start the processional music?

We ask that your coordinator give us a signal to let us know that the bridal party is ready to process.  Upon arrival, we always touch base with the coordinator or person assigned to give cues.

7. How do we time our entrances to finish with the music?

We have been performing at weddings for 20+ years and are excellent at ending the music at the appropriate time.  We suggest music for processionals that is easily tapered to sound like a natural ending.  Clients do not need to time their entrances to the music, we will take care of that for you.

8. How many pieces do I choose for the recessional?

We suggest choosing two selections;  one for the bridal party’s exit and the other for the guests.

9. Will you help me choose appropriate music for my ceremony?

The Antares Musicians are happy to help you plan the musical aspects of your ceremony. Even if you feel that you do not need help with your musical selections, we still encourage you to speak to us before you plan the music for your ceremony, as we can suggest details that you may not have thought to consider. We have many years of experience helping couples choose the perfect music to compliment what they have envisioned for their ceremony.

10. When should we select the music for our wedding?

Music should be chosen at least four weeks before the wedding.  We will send you our digital ceremony music planning form and will be happy to help you choose music for your wedding.

11. Is it possible to have The Antares Musicians perform with an organist?

Yes, many times before the ceremony begins, we alternate prelude music with the organist, which is an effective way to present music.  We do have music that can be performed by both the organist and The Antares Musicians, which creates a huge orchestral sound.  This combination is perfect for processionals, mass music, and recessionals.

12. Will you perform with guest instrumentalists or singers?

We are happy to perform with your guests; however we require a brief rehearsal prior to the start of the event.  Your guest instrumentalist or singer must provide sheet music for us prior to the day of the wedding.  We do charge a nominal fee for this rehearsal.

13. Will you attend the wedding rehearsal?

We have 20+ years of performing at weddings and do not need to attend rehearsals.  We have much experience at tapering the music to be exactly the right length for your processionals.  If price is not an object, you can hire us for rehearsals, but again it is not necessary.


  • Planning Questions

1. Do we need to meet in person?

We have so much information available online, all details can be addressed either over the phone or through email.

2. How do your prices compare to my other vendors?

The price of live music is remarkably inexpensive compared to the cost of the other vendors including caterers, wedding planners, flowers, etc.  We have a lifetime of experience on our instruments–from early childhood through college and beyond.  We have more experience in our profession than any of the other vendors.  When contacting us, please indicate in which of our packages you are interested and we will be glad to send you a complimentary quote.